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The Spaceport Cantina is your High-Flying Waypoint
for Out-of-this-World entertainment and food.

Whether you're From the Homeworld, Newly Arrived, or Just Passing Through, come for a meal and stay for a show… or vice-versa. Spacefolk, Grounders, and Interstellars of all species are invited to join us.

A Message from the Director

Comedy Night was, in a word, Phenomenal!
In two, Simply Phenomenal!

The food was top-notch, everything we expected and more.
Patrick "Ohm" Kennedy & Travis "Watt" Rosen outdid themselves in the kitchen, and our waitstaff Kat Famera & Amy Berger were efficient, attentive, affable & intuitive, while house bartenders Harison Greene & Jenna Albala kept the liquid refreshments flowing.
To try Pat's more Terrestrial fare, visit McBride's Pub at 101 Bedford Ave., Bellmore, NY. For Travis's Terrestrial cooking, check in to Lil' Left Coast at 2496 Merrick Road, Bellmore, NY, or online at

And the show was amazing.
Tim Thomson and Jimmy Britt truly resonated with the Membership, while George Gallo connected with them as individuals. Special Guest MC Erin Salm made the transitions easy, entertaining, and fun. All of them presented new material especially for this event, and the results were outstanding! We look forward to seeing them return to our stage in the near future.

The Management would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this evening a success:
Agent T for arranging placement of the Transit Portal, and for production of the evening's special commemorative Membership Tokens;
Agent M for assisting in a wide array of preparations throughout the planning period, and in coordinating the final rearrangement of the Cantina Floor;
Agent D for managing Registration and Membership for this special event;
John Guerriero for connecting us with these outstanding comedians, and
Agent S for handling negotiations and arranging their, um, "Acquisition";
Agents T, M, & K for their advertising and promotional efforts;
Agents V and W for their special makeup and costume for Erin Salm;
Our special Containment Team, Agents R, J & N, who saw to the mutual safety of both our Terran and off-world Members and Guests;
and to Spaceport Overseers Cafi, Hetlu, & Rilic, for their support and encouragement of the Spaceport Cantina in holding this Special Event.

Special thanks as well are due to the Kismet Shriners
and the members of Masonic Lodge Bethpage Hicksville #975

for Emplacing the Anchor for our Transit Portal, and maintaining its Quantum Integrity throughout the evening.

And of course, thank you to all of the Membership.
Without you, there would have been no Comedy Night, and there could be no Spaceport Cantina. We look forward to seeing you again at additional Special Events in the future. To be among the first to receive announcements of further events, please contact and request to be added to our Dispatch List.

The Spaceport Cantina


Terran Comedy Night

October 18, 2014

To facilitate access to this Special Performance,
a Transit Portal will be placed Groundside the evening of the event

The Kismet Shrine in Hicksville, NY

Portal opens at 6:00, first course at 6:30, and curtains open at 7:30

The Spaceport Cantina proudly presents our first Comedy Night. Long Island comedian George Gallo headlines a High-Flying trio of Stand-Up Stand-Ups for this Members-Only event, brought to you by ICON Science Fiction, Inc., as a Benefit supporting their Prime Directives of Literacy, Education, and Creativity. The show will be preceded by dinner, included in your Event Membership.

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